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Flowback after Frac
Cleanup Services

Fracturing a well can significantly boost a well's performance. After fracturing the well, proppant and fluids pumped into the well during the treatment must be removed before production can be left unsupervised. Using specialized sand separation equipment, it is possible to put a well's production into a sales line almost immediately after a frac operation. TETRA's flowback after frac services simultaneously clean the well, track its production capability and document its performance for state regulatory agencies.


Coiled Tubing Manifold Services
Coiled tubing procedures can also boost a well's performance. Using a manifold at the well surface, operators route the displaced material and fluid through the manifold and flowline to an open top tank in order to clear the wellbore of obstructions that are hindering its performance and efficiently get a well back to full operational capacity.
Pipeline Cleanout Services
During pipeline pigging operations, high volume fluid separators can be deployed to separate liquids and facilitate pipeline cleanout and separation.

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