Tetra Technologies, Inc.
Products & Services
For over 33 years, TETRA Technologies, Inc. has served the global oil and gas industry with dedication, focus, and integrity. Since our inception, TETRA has had one goal…to deliver the best quality products and services based on innovative technologies, and best practices. We began in 1981 as a pioneer in the burgeoning completion fluids industry. Armed with new technology and a passion to succeed, our founders proved that focusing on customer needs positions us as a leader and supplier of choice in this market.

To secure a guaranteed resource for our customers, we chose to make a substantial investment in the first clear brine fluid manufacturing facility dedicated to the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas operators cannot afford to take chances when drilling in the ultradeep basins around the world. They cannot risk damaging their payzone with an off-the-shelf clear brine fluid. TETRA offers customized, cost-effective, formation-specific fluids. Since we manufacture the completion fluids we sell, our customers have supply assurance to have what they need, when they need it, no matter the volume.

TETRA’s Fourchon CBF facility is one of the largest on the Gulf Coast, providing quick turnaround and advanced fluid management service. Our many facilities serve, not only deepwater operators, but onshore and inland waterway customers as well. Speed and efficiency are coupled with the technology to blend our fluids to the condition found in any well. By controlling and monitoring the chemistry of our products, from manufacturing to placement in the wellbore, TETRA’s unique ability to produce fluid s specially for our customer’s well conditions, sets us apart for all others in the industry. Since our customers need productive, trouble-free completions, our trained fluid engineers are able to design the optimum program for a successful displacement to provide a clean wellbore.

Our customers also want innovative, cost-effective, frac water management solutions, including treatment, transfer, and storage. To meet that need, we manage the entire lifecycle of the frac water, keeping it reusable, utilizing technology, equipment, and best practices that respect the environment. With the largest fleet of onshore flow back well testing equipment in the USA and an extensive international fleet, TETRA has amassed a complete inventory of well testing technology and equipment that optimizes production through improving reservoir performance.

Our Compressco subsidiary proves that aging well don’t have to be dead wells. We breathe life into an old or marginal wells. Trailer and skid-mounted compressors are easy to install and are designed to give outstanding service for decades. A recent Compressco Partners acquisition, CSI, was founded in 1971 and is based in Midland, Texas. CSI is the largest privately held, full service natural gas compression provider in the U.S. CSI fabricates, sells, and maintains natural gas compressors and provides compression services that cover the entire natural gas production and transportation cycle to a broad customer base. CSI owns one of the largest fleets of natural gas compression equipment in the United States, with over 275 units in the 1,000 horsepower and larger range. In addition, CSI fabricates and sells engine-driven oilfield fluid pump systems primarily for the international market.

When wells run dry, TETRA provides the highest quality in construction, diving, cutting, plugging, abandonment, and decommissioning solutions and has been doing so since 1994.