Supply advantage, market diversity, innovation leadership – calcium chloride.
Supply advantage, market diversity, innovation leadership – calcium chloride.
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Calcium Chloride Food and Beverage Applications

Calcium chloride has many application areas in the food industry, since calcium is an essential component of plant structures and is necessary in animal and human nutrition.

TETRA’s food-grade calcium chloride is the highest quality in the industry and meet the requirements of the Food Chemical Codex and the Food and Agriculture Organization and are kosher certified. It is designed for food processing and provides ions of Ca2+ and Cl. Our calcium chloride is highly soluble and can be mixed with most food liquids. Thanks to its characteristic and straightforward production process, our product is very pure and does not contain foreign elements that could interfere with our customers’ process. It is available both in solid form as white flakes or in liquid form as a transparent solution. 

Calcium chloride is used in various applications within the food & beverage industry. Some examples of common applications are:

  • Cheese manufacturing in combination with rennet to accelerate coagulation;
  • Production of beer and soft drinks to adjust mineral content; 
  • Fresh fruits, canned fruits, and pickled vegetables to increase firmness and shelf life; 
  • Production of calcium tartrate; 
  • Mineralization of water.

This product is available in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania under the CC food® brand.

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