Supply advantage, market diversity, innovation leadership – calcium chloride.
Supply advantage, market diversity, innovation leadership – calcium chloride.
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Calcium Chloride Construction Applications

Dust Control & Road Base Stabilization

Calcium chloride has unique properties that make it ideal for maintaining unpaved roads and fortifying road bases for new construction. Calcium chloride is both hygroscopic (draws moisture from the air) and deliquescent (resists evaporation and stays in solution). Calcium chloride’s ability to regulate moisture on road surfaces is the key to building roads that last.

ROADMASTER Liquid Calcium Chloride

ROADMASTER liquid calcium chloride is a concentrated blend in aqueous solution used for surface dust control and soil stabilization on unpaved roads, road shoulders, embankments, stockpiles and construction sites. It is also used as a water extender. In highway construction, it is used as an additive to recycled asphalt to reduce voids and improve compaction and stabilization. Compatible with discrepant road-construction materials, it yields a hard, smooth riding surface. 

ROADMASTER Ag Dust Palliative

ROADMASTER AG dust palliative is concentrated calcium chloride liquid designed specifically for surface dust control and soil stabilization around farms and agricultural operations. It is applied to unpaved surfaces and roads, road shoulders, embankments, stockpiles, and construction sites to minimize airborne dust.

Airborne dust particles pose significant risk to the health and safety of farm workers. Dust particle deposition grain, fruit, and vegetable crops can constrain photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration, and allow penetration of phytotoxic gaseous pollutants. This diminishes the crop development and leads to poor crop quality and yields.

ROADMASTER Ag dust palliative is designed to provide superior performance on surfaces composed of difficult to treat materials. ROADMASTER Ag treated surfaces, when cured and compacted, form a hard and smooth riding surface.

Ice and Snow Melting

Calcium chloride is the most powerful of all the common de-icers used for melting ice and snow on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and streets. It has the lowest freezing point and, therefore the lowest effective ice-melting temperature of all the common deicers including sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, and urea.

WinterThaw DI Calcium Chloride

WinterThaw DI calcium chloride-based liquid de-icer is designed to optimize snow and ice melting. The product contains corrosion inhibiting additives to meet the stringent specifications set for de-icing chemicals by the Pacific Northwest States (PNS) and other state departments of transportation (DOT) in the United States. WinterThaw DI calcium chloride is used in various de-icing applications to retard cold weather hazards, including snow and ice on roadways. The product meets or exceeds ASTM D98-87 and AASHTO M144-86 standards for de-icing and it exceeds the PNS DOT requirement that de-icers reduce corrosion by at least 70 percent versus sodium chloride. Winter Thaw DI also meets other key elements of the PNS specifications, being free of precipitates over a wide temperature range and meeting the specification’s strict heavy metal and other impurity levels.

CC road® Calcium Chloride

In Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania our customers use our CC road® calcium chloride. When there is snow and ice, keeping people safe and preventing accidents is a vital job. Allowing us to arrive at work on time and go about our daily lives involves choosing and using the safest de-icer – calcium chloride.

CC road is used in various applications within road maintenance. Some examples of common applications are:

    • As an exothermic de-icing agent to melt snow and ice on paved and unpaved surfaces 
    • Dust-binding of gravel roads 
    • Treatment of tennis courts and hippodromes to suppress dust 
  • Dust-binding of fine particles (PM10) in cities to improve air quality 
  • Maintenance of gravel roads to stabilize the road surface

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