Leading solutions for completion fluids and water management.

Lubricants, Friction Reducers and Foam Reducers

TETRA offers a number of brine lubricants, friction reducers and foam reducers to help meet specific well requirements and to enhance the performance of other additives.


TETRAGlide Ultra

A high-performance brine lubricant designed to provide exceptional metal-to-metal and metal-to-rock friction reduction in all non-zinc brine-based completion fluids.


An effective brine lubricant and torque and drag reducer designed for use in non-zinc brine fluids.

Friction Reducers

CT200 Friction Reducer

A friction-reducing additive, CT 200 FR is used in coiled tubing operations.

Foam Reducers

DeFoam HB

A single-component surface-active phosphate liquid containing no silicones or solvents.

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