Leading solutions for completion fluids and water management.

Frac Flowback and Sand Management

TETRA offers innovative frac flowback and sand separation technologies that enable you to bring wells to full production faster, increasing sand recovery as much as 50% over competing desanders, with efficiencies of 90–99%.

Our fleet of highly specialized equipment is designed, built, and tested to meet API, ASME and NACE standards as applicable. Our sand management solutions include our revolutionary TETRA SandStorm™ advanced cyclone technology, standard gravity and cyclonic separators, our dual pod filter, and our horizontal filter system.

The TETRA SandStorm hydrocyclones can be easily integrated with our BlueLinx automated control system to provide remote monitoring and control of operations in real time, bringing an unprecedented level of efficiency, transparency, and reduced risk to sand management, whatever the scale of your operations.

TETRA SandStorm™ Advanced Cyclone Technology

Our one-of-a-kind hydrocyclone technology captures frac sand and solids with exceptional efficiency and minimal pressure differential, without line restrictions or moving parts. The TETRA SandStorm advanced cyclone is a 1-stage, single-vessel unit with 533 pounds of capacity, available in two models: 5,000 or 10,000 psi. Recent field results show efficiencies up to 96% with the single vessel and in-basin sand.

TETRA SandStorm-Q™ Advanced Cyclone Technology

The modular 2-stage, quad-vessel unit takes the efficiency of sand recovery to a whole new level, as high as 99%, with the first stage capturing 90+% of the sand and the second stage capturing the reminder. The quad model has a total capacity of 696 pounds and, unlike most other desanders, maintains superior efficiency at variable flowrates, from low to high.

TETRA Dual Pod Sand Filter

The dual pod unit is designed to remove wellstream solids greater than 70 microns with a gas flowrate capacity of 100 million cu. ft./day for gas and a fluid flowrate capacity of 10,000 BPD. Designed for a wide range of applications, from proppant removal and well cleanup to production in unconsolidated formations, the dual pods enable time-saving, uninterrupted operation, with flow diverted to one pod while the screen in the offline pod is removed and cleaned.

TETRA Horizontal Sand & Solids Filter System

The horizontal system features two vessels on a single skid, each with mesh screens of varying hole size for particles ranging from 100 to 400 microns. With a gas flowrate capacity of 25 million cu. ft./day, a fluid flowrate capacity of 7,000 BPD, and solids flowrate capacity of 300 lb./hour, the tandem setup enables the production stream to be channeled through one vessel while the filter in the of-fline vessel is changed or cleaned, avoiding costly halts to production.

Pipe Cleanout

TETRA offers high-volume fluid separators that provide efficient and thorough cleanout of piping during cleansing and pigging operations.

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