Automating Water Management to Reduce Costs, Risks, and Environmental Impact

An automated, remotely controlled smart system is a winning solution to optimize water management for a better frac fluid, lower costs, less risk, and no nonproductive time.

Nowadays, the overriding concern in the oil and gas industry is maximizing efficiency — fine-tuning processes and operations to yield the greatest possible efficiency so as to reduce overall costs, minimize exposure to risk, and eliminate nonproductive time. One of the primary ways to achieve greater efficiency is through automation, which continues to transform a range of activities, from more precise drilling and flow control in the field to cloud data systems and remote monitoring of pipelines in the office.

The newest frontier of automation is water management, and leading the way is TETRA Technologies with its TETRA BlueLinx™ automated control system. The pioneering solution closes the loop on water management by providing automated remote monitoring and control of produced water transfer, storage, treatment and recycling, blending and distribution, as well as sand management.

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