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Leading Solutions for Completion Fluids and Water Management

TETRA Technologies delivers innovative leading solutions to the upstream energy industry for completion fluids and water management, and a diverse offering of compression services.

Automation and Monitoring
Storage and Containment
Blending and Distribution
Treatment and Recycling


Using our TETRA Steel™ transfer technology together with a patented rapid deployment and retrieval system (TETRA Steel™ RDV), we are challenging today’s traditional, jointed transfer piping systems and methods of manual deployment. Learn More

Automation and Monitoring

TETRA has automated the key processes throughout our water management solution to ensure greater accuracy, efficiency, and safety, while enabling cost savings. Service integration and automation allows our water management systems to work in unison to their fullest advantage. Learn More

Storage and Pit Lining

TETRA storage and pit lining solutions ensure drilling and completion operations have a sufficient water supply onsite and on-demand. All our above-ground storage solutions are easy to assemble and engineered to the highest standards. Learn More

Blending and Distribution

Our combination of an automated blending controller with a patented, on-the-fly blending manifold provides accurate parameter-based blending and consistent blend quality, whether directly filling frac tanks or transferring to another location. Learn More

Treatment and Recycling

From automated water recycling systems that economically process alternative types of water to providing on-the-fly water treatment technologies that eliminate bacteria and sulfides prior to fracturing operations, we help ensure consistent water quality throughout completion operations. Learn More


TETRA has a team of water sourcing professionals that have proven experience working with landowners, leaseholders, local community, state, and federal agencies to locate and secure water sources to ensure a secure supply for our client’s projects. Learn More

Join the TETRA Team

From scientists to service technicians, TETRA continuously seeks team members who are innovative, collaborative, and have a strong drive for excellence.

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