Lithium and Bromine Assets

Mineral Resources

TETRA has over 27,000 acres of brine leases in Arkansas with lithium carbonate equivalent exploration targets of 884,000 tons and an estimated 3.9 million tons of bromine, positioning us to participate in recent energy storage advances using bromine technologies and zinc bromide.

Large scale energy storage will be required to achieve the full potential of renewable energy, and technological advances using zinc bromide are promising.  Using TETRA’s patented elemental bromine production process at our facilities in West Memphis, Arkansas, TETRA produces TETRA PureFlow® ultra-pure zinc bromide clear brine fluid, one of the highest purity zinc bromides available to the industry today, and a primary attribute for energy storage applications. 

Our agreements with Standard Lithium Ltd. in 2017 and 2018 gives them the right to explore, produce, and extract lithium in our Arkansas leases and the additional potential resources in the Mojave region (San Bernardino county) of California.  In a separate project, Standard Lithium announced the shipment of its first large volume of lithium chloride product from their Direct Lithium Extraction Demonstration Plant near El Dorado, Arkansas, for final conversion to lithium carbonate. Read our press release to learn more about our key mineral asset development initiatives.